Lori Marsceau

Meet Lori!                       Lori has been with Entré seven years, and is our Operation Support Specialist. In this role, she wears many hats, which include billing, accounting, dispatching and customer … Continued

Ben McClintock

Meet Ben!                       Before Ben joined Entré as a Network Administrator, he served in the United States Marine Corps in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for over 10 years. When Ben is … Continued

Facebook fixes flaw

Apparently hackers had a shot at deleting photos on a users account, however Facebook fixed that flaw quickly. This goes to show how seriously Facebook takes the user experience and the importance of the photos they upload to the site. An … Continued

North Korea responsible for Sony hack

Sony decides to pull “The Interview” due to a devastating cyber attack. Threats that there would be a similar incident to 9/11 and that people who lived close to the theaters that launched it would be affected. Today FBI concludes … Continued