Our On Demand IT support services provide flexible IT support as needed for the client. It allows us to provide our clients with the proper IT services as well as the necessary hardware, all without incurring frivolous charges to our customers. We typically work out an hourly rate with the client, and then provide the necessary technology fix in order to get their systems back running. In some cases, this can mean bringing in new hardware and discarding old models, but we always clear such moves with our client ahead of time.  We like to offer hourly billing services for the convenience of our clients. We look at On Demand IT support as a way for both your organization and ours to benefit.

From a business standpoint, On Demand IT support provides great benefit to both the provider (Entre) and the customer (you). For our company, it gives us business and the opportunity to build relationships with our customers that will hopefully lead to other managed services in the future. For you, the customer, it provides the chance to essentially pay as you go, or as your organization needs tech support, opposed to being locked into a contracted service that you may end up not using as much as you thought, or even at all.

From the perspective of our customers, using On Demand IT support makes sense for reasons such as:

  • The technology is too sophisticated for employees to understand without assistance.
  • Their technology is nearing its end of life.
  • They may be working with a limited budget or resources.
  • They are reluctant to enter into a contracted service with a fixed price attached.

For more information on Entré’s On Demand IT services, or how our company can assist with other technology needs, please contact us today.