Why Entre?

Entré has a modern facility that includes fully furnished classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment. We offer a vast array of training options.

You may choose the following options or suggest one of your own:

  • Live Classroom Training
  • One-on-one training, consulting or mentoring, tailored to your needs
  • Private, customized, group training sessions In one of our training rooms or at your location
  • On-Demand Training
  • Live Virtual Training

Entré uses the most effective learning method to make sure you retain the information you are taught; hands-on, instructor-led, real-world, quality training. Entré is an approved and certified training center by the following organizations:

  • Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Workforce Division
  • Montana Office of Public Instruction
  • Wyoming Department of Workforce Services
  • Microsoft Learning Partner

Entré accepts Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers, and partner with other training providers who accept Cisco Credits and  VMware Credits.

Because of these credentials, Entré can assist you to maximize the benefit of your investment by helping you to secure training assistance funds, to provide onsite or offsite training and to keep your skills up to date.

Elements of Success

There are four elements to successful training: instructor, teaching method, curriculum, and facility and equipment. Here is how Entré addresses these elements so we maximize your learning experience. We also back our training with a unique guarantee.


Entré’s Instructors are highly qualified, Certified, practicing professionals. They are engaging instructors who are specialists in the technologies they teach. Most of them are also available as Subject Matter Experts (SME) to help you carry out a specific project.

Teaching Method

Entré focuses on the hands-on, instructor-led, real-world, quality training format because it is the optimal approach for learning. For the Classroom Live and Virtual Live public classes there are established times and training outlines, but the instructor has the flexibility to make adjustments throughout the course, and inject practicing knowledge when appropriate. Our focus is on student learning and maximum value for the training investment.


Entré uses certified and industry-leading curriculum, and most class enrollments include a training book that the students can take with them for future reference. We can also customize the training curriculum to fit any special client needs.

Facility and Equipment

Entré has a multi-room training facility as part of the business operation. The rooms are equipped with modern high-speed computers and flat panel displays, dry erase boards, large paper easels, and high quality projection equipment. There is also a variety and sufficient quantity of special equipment to accommodate the lab activities. There is also student break room stocked with complementary beverages and snacks.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We eliminate the risk of the unknown. If you are not satisfied with your training experience, you are welcome to sit the class again for a period of up to six months at no charge. You are only required to pay for the training manual if the curriculum has changed. We will do whatever is possible to make it right or refund your money.

Whether you are changing careers, wanting to get certified, or just need to improve your knowledge, we offer a solution tailored to your needs. Call 406-256-5700 and one of our learning experts will provide you with the best possible options.