Introduction – The Introduction starts with Entre’s onboarding team reaching out to introduce themselves and discuss next steps. We’d like to know if there are any issues that are top of mind and answer any questions you might have about our onboarding process.


Discovery.  The Discovery phase is probably the largest part of the onboarding process.  We will contact your current IT provider for any passwords and documentation. We will be starting to develop our documentation, so our service desk can start to handle support calls.


Deployment.  During the Deployment phase we will start to rollout all of our network security and backup tools.  This process can take up to a week to fully complete and will give us the ability to track your computing assets, remotely assist your users and deploy security updates, and manage your backup.


Cleanup.  The Cleanup step will depend on the complexity of your environment and can start any time after we have our tools in place. Cleanup consists of fixing any issues we run into and cleaning up your environment to meet our standard practices.  As we make changes, we will keep you in the loop on anything that could cause a disruption for your users.


Review. Once our agents are deployed, we can start to build a picture of your environment.  We will complete a basic security review to look for any major gaps that need to be closed right away.


Hand-Off.  This is the last step during the onboarding process.  We will enable software patching, review our documentation, review any identified projects with our consulting team, and will review the entire onboarding with our service desk.


Entre’s Cycle for Success – Once your business is fully onboarded, Entre can now successfully support, maintain, and consult your businesses technology needs. This is an ongoing cycle that consists of our tools and team to make sure our clients are happy and moving forward.



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