Are you addicted to Social Media?

Facebook is a good one. How much time do you really spend on it? Are you addicted? and if so, how did you get there?

What’s really scary is that Facebook knows what you like and everyday that goes by, it’s getting to know you better. It’s purpose is to keep you coming back for more.

The coders get paid the big bucks to create algorithms that track the things you look at, like, read or click on.

It’s incredibly brilliant actually, what’s scary is that the time we spent reading, doing hobbies, being outside, exercising and just being physically active is slowly being taken over by the time we spend on Social Media.

Do I like Facebook? Absolutely, I think it’s a great tool if you use it in moderation, but I can see how addictive it is, and it’s only going to get more addictive as it becomes more intuitive.

Here is a great article about Facebook going from being “good” to becoming even more addictive.




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