Cybersecurity – Identifying & Preventing Scams

True or False? Users don’t need to worry about cybersecurity—that’s what their IT department or MSP (managed server provider) is for. False. Although an organization’s IT department or MSP is there to assist with their IT needs and provide support … Continued

Cloud Server or Dedicated Server?

Cloud server or dedicated server? Which option is best for your business? If your company is looking to upgrade, there are a few things to consider before “pulling the plug” and making a decision. It is best to look at … Continued

MFA vs. 2FA – What’s the Difference?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) vs. Two-factor authentication (2FA). You may be asking what they are or what’s the difference between the two? With cyber-attacks on the rise, these security measures are becoming a necessity for individuals and businesses to safeguard their … Continued

Voicemail Email Scams

As cyber threats increase in popularity and we learn more about them, cybercriminals are finding new ways to be innovative and think outside of the box. A common phishing scam that is growing in popularity is the “voicemail email scam.” … Continued

Here, Phishy Phishy

Here, phishy phishy. A phrase you wouldn’t normally associate with IT, but one that’s related to one of the most common cybercrimes today—phishing. This is a type of attack that uses emails, phones and/or texts to access confidential information, which … Continued