All You Need to Know About Managed Services!

What is Managed Services? Today the key phrase connected with IT Support is “Managed Services.” What does managed services mean though? Managed Services is essentially moving IT operations to a service provider also known as a Managed Services Provider. The … Continued

It’s the end of Microsoft’s Windows 7!

Windows 7 end-of-life mainstream support came to a halt on January 13, 2015. However, there is a much more critical date on the horizon for all Microsoft Windows 7 users. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end all support for Windows … Continued

5 Reasons to Start Using Office 365

First off, what is Office 365? Basically Office 365 is a cloud-based email, collaboration, and software subscription service by Microsoft. The service can include: the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Etc.), Exchange Online, SharePoint, One Drive, Teams/Skype, and a … Continued

Outsourcing Myths

In the world of business, IT services is still a relatively young industry. Many people don’t yet understand their purpose or application. This has led to misunderstandings about IT technology services. has gathered IT outsourcing experts who work every … Continued

True Costs of Cloud Services

Businesses from every kind of industry now rely on cloud computing; big or small, it has become an integral part of so many companies. Despite that, many people still do not understand the full extent either of its uses or … Continued