The Cost of Changing Information Technology for Better Data Security

Challenges for Companies Related to IT Infrastructure

Securing corporate data is a significant challenge today when companies are transforming their operations from a traditional system to a new IT-based system. During this transition, some companies forgo the need to have a robust IT infrastructure that proactively protects their corporate data.

The prime focus of most companies is to make their daily operations efficient and low cost, and frequently the aim is to reduce cost as much as possible. Unfortunately, the cost reduction often leads to substandard IT security for company databases. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the employee or clients’ databases are at risk of data theft from hackers.

Data Theft at Equifax

Equifax is one such company that made the costly mistake of profoundly undermining the data under their protection. As a result, the hackers were able to hack into their database and managed to steal information on more than 145 million people. Customers of Equifax were outraged at the incident and demanded stricter stand on data security.

How to Prevent Data Theft?

Companies today spend about 3 to 4% of their budget on IT and data security, which isn’t sufficient anymore. Hackers have access to newer ways to breach into your corporate networks and steal millions of dollars’ worth of data, so it is essential to have an increment for data security in the company budget. This indicates that the IT budget for any business should see an increase to account for extreme data protection.

Safeguard your Business Against Cyber Threats

The safeguarding of your business’s critical data is vital to the success of your firm.  The current environment contains many threats of cyber-attack, and security breach is one of the most severe threats to the success of your business. Entré is dedicated to providing you with the best and the most secure solutions for all your IT needs.

For any company, it is mandatory to take steps to prevent a data breach. Keeping a secure database that is encrypted with the latest measures will help prevent data theft. Most businesses should consider outsourcing their database security to IT businesses like Entré because we provide the best solutions for data protection, including interactive backup plans and data recovery.

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