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Entré offers a vast array of training options. Whether you are changing careers, wanting to get certified, or just need to improve your knowledge, we offer a solution tailored to your needs. Call 406-256-5700 or email for more information.

Why Entre?

Entré focuses on live, real-world, quality training because it is the optimal approach for learning. We offer Virtual Live public classes. With a live instructor, you receive added practical knowledge, instant answers to your questions and the flexibility to make adjustments throughout the course. Our focus is on you the student and making sure you are receiving the maximum value for your training investment.

Virtual Live Training

With the help of several trusted partners, Entré offers you access to thousands of Virtual Live Training (VLT) classes. Many are Guaranteed to Run (GTR) or can be set up as private, customized training sessions.

  • View the Instructor’s Presentation. Using Web conferencing, you can see the instructor’s desktop as he or she steps you through demonstrations or displays PowerPoint presentations.
  • Listen and Participate. Using voice over IP (VOIP) technology, you can listen to the instructor and participate just like you do in a regular class.
  • Get help from the Instructor. Remote Desktop software enables the instructor to access your computer and view your desktop. Should you need help, he/she can remotely guide you through any issues either along with the class, or privately one-on-one.
  • Have Face-to-Face Interaction. We didn’t forget the human touch. We’ve added web cameras to the classroom so you can view your instructor. And of course, if there are others attending at your location, you’ll be able to interact with those students.
  • Technical Support.

Attend Class From Your Home or Office. You may attend the Virtual Live Training from your home, or your office. You will have the best experience if you can avoid being interrupted so any location that offers a secluded environment is best.

Hardware Requirements:

  • A computer less than 4 years old
  • Dual Monitors
    • One for following along with the virtual class, and if applicable, viewing digital books
    • The other for doing your hands-on-labs
  • A high speed Internet connection
    • Wired (not wireless or wifi) connection
    • Broadband internet connection, DSL or faster, T1 speed is recommended, but not required, no dial-up (modem)
  • A USB digital headset (with headphone and microphone in one unit)

You will receive an email with a link to test your connection if you are attending from a location other than Entré.

The week prior to your class we will email you the login information for access to the Virtual Live Training.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We eliminate the risk of the unknown. If you are not satisfied with your training experience, you are welcome to sit the class again for a period of up to six months at no charge. You are only required to pay for the training manual if the curriculum has changed. We will do whatever is possible to make it right.