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Excel 2016: Tables, Track Changes, Images

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Excel 2016: Tables, Track Changes, Images

Course Specifications

Course Length: 1/2 day
Rate: $99
Call 406-256-5700 or email entretraining@entremt.com for customized training or group pricing

Course Description

Learn how to use the features in Excel 2016 that make it easier for you to work with tables, use the Track Change functions and manipulate images. First you will learn about table creation, modification, formatting, layout and customization. Then you will learn about the Track Change functions, how to use them effectively and how to customize. Finally you will learn about different types of Image files, how to insert and manipulate them.

Course Content

  • Sorting
    • Sort Buttons
    • Sorting Dialog
    • Filter and Sort Buttons
  • Excel Ranges
    • Range Names
    • Creating Ranges
    • Modifying a Range
    • Range Names in Formulas
  • Table Structure
    • Tables as Named Ranges
    • Table Fields as Sub-Ranges
    • Table Behavior
    • Adding Columns or Formulas
    • Adding Rows
    • The Totals Row
    • Automatic Totals
    • Manual Totals
    • Comparison
  • Sharing Files
    • Multiple Users
    • Change History
  • Tracking Changes
    • Start Tracking
    • Review Changes
  • Images in Excel
    • Inserting Images
    • Screenshots and Snips
    • Formatting Images