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ASPCORE: ASP.NET Core MVC Development

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Course Specifications

Course Length: 4 days
Rate: $2795.00
Registration: Call 406-256-5700 or email entretraining@entremt.com to register or to request customized training or group pricing.


ASP.NET Core MVC relies on middleware components that add functionality into an application. Throughout the class you’ll learn details about the role middleware plays, understand how to configure middleware components and learn how you can build custom middleware. You’ll also learn about the new dependency injection (DI) functionality built-into the framework and see how it can be used to create more maintainable apps that flexible to change.

After discussing middleware and DI, the course will show how to define MVC routes (using middleware), how to create controllers and how to render data using Razor syntax as well as new tag helper and view component functionality. Once MVC concepts are covered the course will show how Entity Framework Core can be used to query databases. This includes showing how to create custom DbContext and model classes, write LINQ queries and building a repository layer to encapsulate data access code. Finally, you’ll learn ASP.NET Core MVC can be used to create RESTful services that client-side libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, Angular or others can call to retrieve and work with data.

If you’re looking for a hands-on look at what the ASP.NET Core MVC framework provides then this class is for you!

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of middleware
  • Learn how to use dependency injection
  • Understand the role of model classes
  • Learn the how to create MVC and Web API controllers
  • Understand the role of view model classes and strongly typed views
  • Customize routes using middleware
  • Learn how to create custom tag helpers and view components
  • Leverage model binding with action parameters
  • Understand how to validate data using data annotations
  • Create master layout pages and custom sections
  • Learn how to write LINQ and Lambda queries
  • Query databases using Entity Framework Core
  • Learn how to create RESTful Services
  • Call into RESTful Services using Http/Ajax
  • Much more!


This course is intended for any developer interested in building web applications using ASP.NET Core MVC.


Attendees should be comfortable working with the C# language, HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript. Prior hands-on experience with C# is required.  Existing experience with an MVC framework is not required.

Course Outline

  • NET Core MVC Overview
  • The Role of Middleware
  • Using Dependency Injection
  • Creating Controllers
  • Creating Views
  • Using Entity Framework Core
  • Creating RESTful Services
  • Calling RESTful Services using JavaScript