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Excel 2016: Advanced

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Excel 2016: Advanced

Course Specifications

Course Length: 1/2 day
Rate: $99
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Course Description

This course focusing on Advanced Analysis Techniques, connecting data from worksheets within the same workbooks well as mulitple workbooks and macros. You will also learn some basics about Visual Basic.

Course Content

  • Formulas Across Sheet and Workbooks
    • Across Sheets: Using Named Ranges
    • Across Sheets: Using Selected Ranges
    • Across Sheets: Using Skewers
    • Across Workbooks: Named Ranges
    • Across Workbooks: Selected Ranges
    • When Links Go Bad
  • Advanced Analysis Techniques
    • Scenario
    • Goal Seek
    • Solver
    • Forecast Worksheet
  • Macros
    • Recording A Macro
    • Visual Basic Basics