Many companies reach out to us to help them develop their own software catered to their business. Entré’s IT software development is customized software for unique business applications and supports legacy systems based on the use of traditional Microsoft development tools. Proper scoping and consistent communication are two key factors in the success of our software development projects – constant communication is essential to a successful project. Following our step-by-step process, you will first meet with us to establish preliminary project needs. As the process continues, we analyze what is desired and our software development team will create a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) which is a list of what needs to be completed – resources required, approximate time and cost for project, and the project timeline.

Software Development Step-By-Step

    1. Identification of required software: Meet with a client to determine what they are looking for in their software.
    2. Analysis of the software requirements: Work with clients to discover what they desire the software to do with help of a software engineer to discuss technology parameters.
    3. Detailed specification of the software requirements: Describe the software that is to be written, taking into consideration the growth needed for the future.
    4. Software design: Create a blueprint for the systems to make sure all requirements will be addressed.
    5. Programming: Turn the design into code, the system of symbols and rules that are instructions for the computer.
    6. Testing: Test parts of the software to make sure the internal coding works together.
    7. Maintenance: Watch for new problems or requirements including fixing bugs.

Software for Industries

We enjoy working with many diverse types of industries to help them evolve when there is a missing niche in software for their industry. Typical software development projects we’ve helped with are;

      • Asset tracking
      • Automated systems integration
      • Contact management
      • Cost accounting
      • Document automation using Microsoft Office applications
      • Donor tracking
      • Drug and alcohol clinical case management
      • Event participation
      • Healthcare case management
      • Manufacturing process management
      • Mining data analysis and reporting
      • OCR database implementation
      • Payment management and invoicing
      • Payment schedules
      • Safety compliance
      • Service order management
      • Social work case management
      • Vehicle O&M tracking
      • Webpage transaction processing
      • Workload and utilization analysis

Our engineers and web developers will work hand-in-hand with you to help you understand the process behind your new software. Our goal is to develop software that can make your business run smoother, easier, and faster. See how we can help you develop the right software for you.

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