Deloitte’s Fast 500 Awards for Innovative Break Through

Deloitte’s Fast 500 is a leading technology-based award that honors the best and the most innovative organizations in North America. The Deloitte’s Fast 500 is a well-reputed award that highlights the efforts of the fastest growing technology businesses for more than two decades. This award celebrates the achievement of businesses in North America, which have assimilated modern technology seamlessly into their operations.

Award Criteria for Deloitte’s Fast 500 Awards

The panel of experts at Deloitte primarily focuses on dedication, hard work, and passion to change and constantly innovate as well as introduce state-of-the-art products for a changing market. The prime emphasis of these awards is to identify companies in both the public and private sectors, that are;

  • Steadily Growing
  • Relying on utilizing innovative technology
  • Dealing with interactive media
  • Using modern technology in media
  • Operating in the industry, for at least four years
  • USA based
  • Growing at a steady rate of 75%

Awardees chosen for this honor include large and medium-sized firms or even small startups. All these corporations are eligible for the awards if they meet the criteria for the award. The companies that want to be a contender for the award must have;

  • State of the art technology and equipment
  • Technological abilities that help transform the organization
  • Out of the box innovative ideas for complex problems
  • A seamless arrangement of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Capability to disrupt the contemporary technological industry

Selection Process of Awardees

As revealed previous, the standards for qualification of Deloitte’s Fast 500 award are rigorous. This is what makes the distinction significant since not every firm can meet the criteria. The selection of winners is based on the percentage of fiscal year revenue growth over a period of three years. The rankings are compiled from many applications submitted to the Technology 500 website.

The Prominence of Fast 500 Awards for an Establishment

When your business meets the stringent and well-defined criterion of the Fast 500 Awards, your company is considered for the award, which means your company is on the right track. Winning the award is even more rewarding. As a Fast 500 Winner, your company will considerably expand its brand awareness and prominence in the market. As the winner of the award, your business will have more recognition and a tremendous increase in growth opportunities.

With desire, persistence, devotion and hard work, you can achieve triumph and better market development.

For more information or for a complete list of the 2017 winners click here.

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