Does Your MSP Need a Diagnostic Checkup?

Communication is vital when it comes to a relationship with your managed service provider (MSP). Knowing what review questions to ask can help you evaluate whether things are great — or whether you need a reboot. You can find out what isn’t working and identify issues that could become big problems if left unaddressed. You can also discuss upcoming changes and overall business goals.

But how do you know what questions to ask? Or whether your MSP is doing all it should to help your business thrive?

You can evaluate the health of your partnership by focusing on three particular areas: your data, your devices, equipment and software, and strategic conversations. These 10 MSP review questions can get the conversation started:


Safeguarding your data is a big deal, and your MSP should be taking it seriously. If your MSP only backs up your information on a local device; a downed server, or needing remote access can be big problems. Your data needs to be safe — but accessible!

How’s your provider handling your data? Ask them:

  • How are you backing up our data?
  • Where is it being stored?
  • What are the security measures protecting it?

Devices, Equipment, and Software

Technology is incredible — when it works! An MSP’s job is to ensure your business’s technology is current, effective, and sufficiently protecting your information. If your MSP is only maintaining aging equipment and software instead of looking ahead to anticipate your future needs — you might need to reevaluate your relationship.

How’s your provider handling your devices, equipment, and software? Ask them:

  • Does our server software need to be updated?
  • When’s the last time we upgraded aging devices?
  • Do we have any devices running outdated (end-of-life) software?
  • Do we have any outdated equipment that will prevent adequate monitoring of our IT network?

Strategic Conversations

It is instrumental for your MSP to get to know and understand the pulse of your business – to talk about what improvements you want for your business, the goals you want to reach, and the results you’re looking to achieve.

How’s your provider handling strategic conversations? Ask them:

  • Can we set up a quarterly, semiannually, or yearly meeting to discuss previous quarters and future progress?
  • How can you help us factor our IT needs into our growth strategy and strategic plan?
  • How can you help us achieve our overall business goals?

In conclusion, as we said, communication is key! Having regular strategic conversations with your MSP allows you to review their processes to ensure your data, devices, equipment, and software are up-to-date and secure; while making sure your business goals are documented and understood.

Contact Entre Technology Services; we’d love to help your business experience the confidence that comes with excellent IT service.


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