Are you an eBay user? If so read on

I know I am one to add to this list. I have used eBay for quite a few years now along with the 128 million other active users around the world. It seems that the web has turned into a scary place with the increasing numbers of security breaches out there lately. Heartbleed was one to name a few.

So is the internet still safe? After the Target data breach that hit last year, I don’t think anyone really knows if it is a place we can trust with our personal information. Yet, it is so easy and convenient. We look at our bank accounts online, we buy clothes, we buy shoes, it’s so fast now a days too. We can buy something online and have it at our door within days. In the rat race we live in, we almost don’t even have the time to shop anymore!

My advice would be to limit the number of credit cards you use online. Stick to one. Be careful of unsecured wifi, and accessing account information, and always cover your PIN when withdrawing money from the ATM. It may all sound a bit elementary and perhaps someone would argue that it’s common sense however, I think we have all become a little too comfortable with the convenience of the internet that we forget that our personal information is at risk anytime we use it.

Here is an article on the eBay hacking that happened this week.



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