Entré celebrates it’s 30th birthday this month~

Here is a little Entré history, Did you know:

Entré was started by Mike Keene and a partner back in 1984 as Entré Computer Center. The business was part of an international franchise operation based in Vienna, VA. At the time, the Entré Computer Center franchising operation was the second largest computer retail franchise operation in the country behind ComputerLand. Entré adopted a slightly different approach to marketing computer products and services—it was a proactive, consultative approach with a focus on business solutions versus relying solely on call-in or walk-in retail traffic. The first 11 years were spent at a Billings’ retail location along the eight hundred block of N. 27th Street. In about 1995, Entré moved to the First Interstate Bank Center and modified its name to Entré Information Systems to be more descriptive of our changing business model. At about this time, Entré acquired a second franchise, Connecting Point of America to bring on the Apple product line, but the basic business name of Entré Information Systems remained unchanged. Through corporate and industry mergers and consolidations, the international franchise operation disappeared in the late 90’s; however, we kept the Entré name because of the goodwill and name recognition in the Montana-Wyoming-Dakota region. In April 2003, Entré was reconfigured and renamed Entré Technology Services, LLC. We moved into our current location in the Evergreen Center North building complex in 2009 following a major remodeling to match our specific needs. We continue to operate with that name and in this location today.

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