What Industries Can Benefit From The Cloud?

Many businesses don’t think they can benefit from using the Cloud. Since its inception, the Cloud has developed into a platform for various applications, and today it is an excellent option for businesses in all industries. We see small and large companies taking advantage of this storage system and want to reiterate how versatile it truly is.

  • Automotive Industry – With the millions of choices available, car shopping can be time-consuming and frustrating. Once you have narrowed down the brand you want to purchase, there are a limited number of cars on any specific lot. The stock of any brand across the country is extensive. Using the cloud, auto companies can locate particular cars, colors, and add-ons specific to their customer’s search. Data across the nation or world can be easily pulled from one source. Instant access to all of this information could be the ticket to closing a sale.


  • Educational Institutions – Most schools are seeing a shortage of funds, and therefore, many technological advances aren’t readily available to students. The Cloud alleviates the costs of purchasing servers and new software each time there is an update. The capital saved can be put toward enhancing education and student activities. Teachers even have the ability to distribute assignments or study materials through the Cloud making it accessible from home. There’s no excuse for students not to finish their homework now!


  • Financial Institutions – Security has always been a concern for banks. Whether it’s someone cleaning out a safe or a hacker stealing data, these incidents can be detrimental to a bank. With the Cloud, data is encrypted against hackers to ensure its protection. Safes can still be broken into, but encrypted information stored in the cloud will protect social security numbers, trust information, and other personal data. The Cloud is an advanced, secure option for financial institutions or any company that manages monetary transfers.


  • Healthcare – Regulations on the storage, access, and management of patient information have been becoming stricter with each modification. Working within HIPPA parameters and still allowing multiple doctors to collaborate on one patient makes the Could a crucial tool to add to any doctors’ bag.


  • Production and Manufacturing – Many locations and large supply chains require the ability to store and deliver substantial amounts of data. Connecting to many different machines with large, detailed files is easy when using a cloud solution that can be sized to fit your needs. Extra capital is saved by eliminating the need for multiple servers in many various locations.


  • Real Estate – Listings can change every minute, so accessing the most up-to-date information is essential to selling and buying homes. The ability to search an area, keep detailed information, and even have clients’ data and signed paperwork at your fingertips keeps everything accessible from anywhere in the world. Marketing packets that take up file space can also be stored in the Cloud to enable realtors to send documents to a prospective client at a moment’s notice.


  • Non-Profit Organizations – Limited budgets are usually the most significant roadblock in this industry. With that in mind, many NPO’s don’t update their IT regularly and can be struggling to keep up with the fast-changing IT landscape. Using the Cloud can save these organizations money and keep them up to date with the latest technology so they can focus on making the world a better place.


Regardless of your industry, the Cloud is a great option to save you money, simplify your technology, and keep your business running smoothly. Call Entré today to see how we can help you implement the Cloud into your business!

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