Microsoft 365 Migration

The world of technology continues to develop and grow. So why is it that many companies are sticking to their outdated software? The thought of moving all your files from one platform to another may seem daunting, but the migrating your company’s computers and data from Office2016 to Office365 is worth the extra time. This new standard for improving company infrastructure and helping employees be more productive and time efficient is just the beginning. Don’t be stuck in the past – see why Office365 is worth the migration move now, and not down the road.

Say good-bye to servers and maintenance –

All the extra capital required for hardware and time spent maintaining it is no longer necessary. With the new software, updates come on a regular basis. As new additions or tools are added, you will get to experience them at no additional charge to your monthly subscription cost.

No limits –

Office365 is cloud-based, meaning you can reach your files anytime, anywhere you want. You are no longer stuck to the confines of your office or tied to your server. Those office computers that are stuck in the office aren’t the only pieces of equipment your employees depend on. Their cellphones, tablets, and laptops can be added to the infrastructure of the new platform, adding mobility and security.

Growing, growing, never gone –

With the new pay structure for Office365, you pay for what you need. If your office of 20 doubles in a year, you only pay for the additional services and data needed. The days of buying a new server to house all your files are passed, now you just pay for the cloud storage space your company grows.

Microsoft users can be choosey –

Adding and changing apps is as easy as a click of the mouse. Being able to customize your workstation to add the tools you need and get rid of the ones you don’t, makes this platform more personalized than any before it. Many of these apps are free and are accessible from any device you have.

Real-time, online –

Focusing on managing workflow, Office365 has the capability to let others edit your work online without downloading the document. This saves time, energy, and the amount of necessary data. Anyone who owns a business knows that time is money and here is one great example of how Office365 can save you money.

Never lost, never forgotten –

Data located in the Cloud will never be lost. Office365 utilizes a strong backup and disaster recovery system that continuously saves your files, so you don’t have to remember when or how to do it. Simplified and quick, this new process can keep your business from losing its most important documents without even thinking about it!

Those companies who are reluctant to migrate can only hold on for so long. By the year 2020 Office2016 will no longer accept updates or customer help. Whether you decide to hold out a little longer or choose to migrate today, the engineers at Entré can help you choose the best Microsoft Office solutions for your business’ unique needs.

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