Microsoft Teams Shortcuts that Tick the Box

If you’re using Microsoft Teams daily, then keyboard shortcuts are going to be a huge time-saver for you. Entre has curated a list of shortcuts that tick the box for both new and old Microsoft Teamsters.

These shortcuts will help with team meetings and video chats

Toggle Mute — Ctrl + Shift + M

Why we like it: Being in a remote work scenario means impromptu or unexpected team meetings that can catch you in a noisy environment. This shortcut gives you the ability to instantly mute your mic instead of wrangling the mouse to click on the mute button.

Toggle Video — Ctrl + Shift + O

Why we like it: There are always those clients, coworkers, and bosses that want to see your smiling face. This solution will help them get a better view within seconds.

Start Screen Share Session — Ctrl + Shift + E

Why we like it: Sharing your screen is the new way to get everyone on the same page.

Toggle Background Blur — Ctrl + Shift + P

Why we like it: Choosing your background is now equivalent to deciding how best to accessorize your outfit for the day. This shortcut gives you a quick and simple blurred background for that professional look when you are in a pinch.

Open Settings — Ctrl + .

Why we like it: Bluetooth headsets, camera issues, speaker bugging out? This shortcut is our go-to when troubleshooting mic and speaker issues or making a quick change.

These are the best shortcuts for messaging in Microsoft Teams

Start A New Chat — Ctrl + N

This hotkey is a lot easier than scrolling through your chats.

Emoji Shortcuts — Type colon (:) then the emoji title (here is a video if you need a demonstration on how to implement Microsoft Teams emoji shortcuts).

Expand Compose Box — Ctrl + Shift + X

Why we like it: This shortcut is useful if you want to format your text frequently.

Search Current Chat/Channel Messages — Ctrl + F

Why we like it: This shortcut eliminates having to scroll through a chat or channel for dates or other essential data discussed in a chat or channel.

Attach File — Ctrl + O

Why we like it: It’s simple and convenient since we are continually sharing documents.

Other useful Teams shortcuts

Open Calendar — Ctrl + 4

Why we like it: This is a fantastic shortcut when you are trying to nail down a date with your potential client or coworker.

Schedule A Meeting — Alt + Shift + N

Why we like it: When you combine this shortcut with the Open Calendar hotkey, you are on the path to becoming the office MVP.

Show Keyboard Shortcuts — Ctrl + . 

Why we like it: If you don’t have a photographic memory, this will be your most used shortcut until that muscle memory kicks in.

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