Office 365: Beyond Word and Excel

We’re all familiar with the word processing abilities of Microsoft Word and the spreadsheet power of Microsoft Excel. They are prolific business tools and are a standard inclusion to Microsoft Office 365’s suite of programs.


But there is much more to 365 than word processing, email, and spreadsheets. The breadth of programs included in Office 365 Business Premium’s licensing plan brings programs that can bring plenty of value to your business with plenty of tools to help you work and help your employees collaborate more effectively.


Access – This is a database program that lets you organize and professionally present information without the need for complicated programming. If you’re not afraid of data entry or learning a few development tools, Access allows you to create simple database programs that can help you run your business better.


OneNote – Note taking apps allow you to share notes with other users. You can mark up a screen shot, record meetings, review and comment on documents, collaborate with co-workers, all remotely. OneNote is a great way to put a few pages of notes on your phone or tablet and take them into your meetings without having to bring your laptop.


Publisher – This is a page layout and design that is useful for creating reports, calendars, newsletters, flyers, posters, handouts, and other printed publications. Sometimes it is easier, and cheaper to design and print brochures and sales materials in-house. Its design features for images and imported text is more robust than Word.


Skype for Business – Communication is key to teamwork, and Skype for Business gives you a powerful tool to stay connected. This is an instant messaging and VoIP client that allows you to video conference simply and quickly. Skype also allows you to call mobile and landlines around the world.  One of the lesser known features of Skype is it also allows you to share and send files and share screens for easy collaboration.


With Office 365, Microsoft has provided solutions for businesses to work safely, and easily from anywhere. Entre can help your business make the most out of all of your office applications. Real help from real people. Explore the Entre advantage and give us a call today!

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