What Does the ‘S’ in Windows10S Stand For?

Microsoft looked to the classroom for inspiration for the new Microsoft 10S, and while they haven’t revealed what the S stands for, there are many speculations. Safe, streamlined, simple, or student – all of these words describe the new 10S, and we’re going to decode them all!


Microsoft 10 S is built on the platform of Windows 10 Pro, so extra security precautions are integrated into this platform. Applications can only be downloaded from the Windows Store to ensure anything downloaded is “clean.” In addition to clean apps, since there is no command line, scripts that could contain malware can’t be added. More features ensure that Microsoft 10S stays safe:

  • Code integrity checks that allow coded data to be checked for bugs.
  • Dangerous apps are blocked and aren’t allowed to be installed.
  • Uninstallation of apps is easy, so the entire app is deleted.
  • No antivirus software can be added to ensure that no bugged advertising sneaks in.



After a CCS Insite survey, 83% of businesses said they are planning to combine PC management with mobile devices to make it easier to manage all devices. Software that once slowed down business computers will no longer be able to be installed through Windows 10S, helping IT departments with downtime and tickets. The only downfall is those businesses that want to implement this new software, must buy new PCs.



Running on the skeletons of Windows 10 Pro, the battery life, speed, and limited software make this operating system perfect for businesses that run on limited capital. Just like educational institutions, those companies that don’t have a large IT department can benefit from the easy installation of apps and no-nonsense virus protection.



“Windows 10 S was inspired by teachers. It’s about making sure the operating system is safe and secure,” Mohammed Samji from the Windows engineering team explained about this new system. Battery life that lasts all day was essential for continual use through an 8-hour school day, and when time is of the essence, the machines running 10 S can be started in just 15-seconds! Many IT resources have been cut in schools, so this new software allows for easy management through the Cloud. Teachers and administrators can:

  • Install apps via Wi-Fi
  • Use USB sticks to plug into computers
  • Manage apps through the Cloud
  • Schedule updates or restarts after school hours


This new operating system may be ahead of its time, but it may also hit the nail on the head for those that want simplicity. Businesses that want to make the jump to simplified technology could benefit from the switch to Microsoft 10S. When asked what the difference is between Windows 10 and Windows 10S, the answer is essentially everything.

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