Managing your business’ IT is a full-time job. Entré Technology Services can help your business become more productive and cost-effective with our various service offerings. We produce customized plans that fit every business and budget ensure your system will be working to its fullest potential. Entré provides complete, integrated tools for delivering a full range of IT services specific to your business’ unique needs and budget.

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring and Management

Entré offers full server monitoring and management in order to provide the best protection to our clients. Monitoring the entire infrastructure helps get an in-depth look at key performance indicators as well as analyze networks and critical performance delaying issues. We provide detecting, troubleshooting, and repairing of faults that could cause downtime and lose money. A server is the backbone of any business and you can depend on Entré to ensure it is always available and working properly.

Increase Productivity

A server that has gone down is at least a nuisance and at best, a productivity sapping issue. Entré monitors the running and performance of servers 24/7 so there is virtually no downtime. When a server is running properly you are freed up to work on more important things, like running your business.

Improve Security

Entré enhances security and network protection with systems that monitor, detect, and analyze security threats. Software bugs and system errors prevent staff from doing their jobs effectively and efficiently. With 24/7 monitoring, the threat of hackers and breaches is no longer an issue. Keeping information safe and secure is important to any company and Entré is focused on preventing any security breaches.

Support Management

With Entré, there is never a need to worry about how servers are running. Our trained team is available for any questions while using your servers or internal computers. Whether your server is physical or virtual, Entré ensures the ability to locate and navigate the detailed map of your systems with ease. We can help automate an on-demand, hybrid infrastructure that makes IT run seamlessly to help your company focus on what matters most.

We Can Help

Server monitoring and management is a full-time job. Entré focuses on making sure productivity is increased, systems are safe from malware and viruses, and questions about company technology infrastructure are answered and explained. Implementing an all-in-one solution for servers is a money saving service that benefits both small and large companies. Entré will make a comprehensive plan specific to each company to accomplish goals for IT management. When working with us, servers will function properly and we will succeed in optimizing your technology.

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