An IT Department is right at your fingertips for less than you think.

On-Demand IT Support

Too small for an IT Department but need computer help? Entré’s On Demand IT Support is available to all our A La Carte Managed Services clients.  It’s a great option for companies that are small or don’t rely on a heavy computer infrastructure. Our support is there for you when you need it. Why pay for something if you aren’t using it? That’s our philosophy when designing an On-Demand plan for you. Having a consultation with you to see the needs and wants of your company, helps us determine an hourly-rate. Since we only charge you when you need us, there is no frivolous charges or being caught unawares at the end of the month.

Entre As YOUR IT Department

Since each company is different, we structure our On-Demand IT Support Service specifically for you. This allows us to provide our clients with the proper IT Services as well as the necessary hardware needed. In some cases, we bring in new hardware and discard older models, all at an hourly rate. We like to offer hourly billing services for the convenience of our clients. We look at On Demand IT Services as a way for both your organization and Entre to work together as you grow.

An On-Demand IT Plan is great for small to medium-size businesses with these issues;

  • Employees need help using the technology.
  • The technology being used needs to be replaced.
  • There is working with a limited budget or resources.
  • Unsure of what type of help they need.
  • Reluctant to enter into a long-term contract.

No Contract Support

One important facet of our On-Demand Service plan is that it is a no-contract option. While we’d love to work with you for years to come, we understand that many companies want to “try before you buy.” This is a great way to see how Entre will work for you!  As your company grows, we know you will need a knowledgeable source to depend on for IT; We hope that will continue to be Entre. Being locked into a contract is hard for many smaller companies and we aim to solve that problem.

With our On-Demand IT Support, your company will continuously see your IT run smoothly. Important pieces of that puzzle will be taken care of with this plan.

  • IT Questions
  • Server downtime
  • Connectivity issues
  • Updating hardware
  • Monitoring of desktops
  • Remote management

Call us today to see how Entre can be your personal IT department.

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