The Global Chip Shortage – You’re Not Imagining Things

The Shortage’s Impact on You

This year, are you planning on buying a new cellphone or computer, perhaps a new TV or a new car? If any of these are on your “to buy” list, you might be in for a shock. All these devices contain “brains” called semiconductor chips made from silicon, and right now, device manufacturers are struggling to source these chips.

The chip shortage first became apparent a year ago, when many chip-making factories, called foundries, closed due to the COVID-19 virus. At the same time, the virus was changing the habits of people worldwide.

Many of us invested in new home computers for our children learning from home. Unable to go out to movie theaters or restaurants, many of us opted to buy new televisions or game consoles, and with working and learning from home came the need to stay connected. This led to increased sales of work computers and phones.

The Shortage’s Impact on Vehicles

Dozens of semiconductors are used throughout new vehicles in areas such as infotainment systems, Bluetooth connectivity, steering, braking, engine management, and airbag control.

In February 2021, the semiconductor shortage forced car manufacturer Ford to cut production at two plants that manufacture its bestselling F-150 pickup truck; and on March 19, 2021, automaker Nissan was forced to halt production at three of its North American factories due to the shortage of semiconductors.

The Shortage’s Impact on Entertainment and Computers

If you’ve found it hard to find a Sony PlayStation 5 for sale, you’re not alone. Since its launch in November 2020, production of the PS5 has been constrained due to the chip shortage.

The semiconductor shortage has also affected Microsoft’s ability to produce its popular Xbox Series X/S consoles; these high-performance specialty CPUs used by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to build their game consoles may be in short supply during most of 2021.

Specific computers are just as scares as the Sony PlayStation 5. Computers with upgraded memory or storage have notoriously been out of stock or hard to buy at any given moment. And good budget machines can be harder to find and more expensive than they used to be.

The Foreseeable Future

The chip shortage will likely continue for some time since it can take up to two years to build and get chip manufacturing facilities up and running. That means that the current trend of semiconductor shortages and price increases will only continue. Now more than ever is the time to adopt a proactive approach concerning your IT network’s components. If you would like to discuss what you currently have or should replace, you can reach us at Entre Technology Services.

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