Software Training in Billings, MT

Software Training

There’s always a bit of a learning curve when new technology and software is deployed. Who do you turn to when you aren’t sure you are familiar enough with these new products? Entré Technology is right down the road to help you learn everything from simple word processing to more advanced server solutions. We provide a straightforward and professional learning environment with a hands-on trainer, so all of your questions will be answered quickly instead of waiting for a response like in an e-learning atmosphere. It’s easy to feel confident with new software when you have Entré on your side.

Benefits of Software Training:

Training in the workplace has declined since working with computers has become the norm. Unfortunately, that could leave your business in a lurch. Offering additional training from Entré for your team or individuals has many benefits that you will appreciate;

  • Improved teaching atmosphere – Some have difficulty learning through a computer screen, and that is why we have an in-house trainer to direct the class. Hands-on is a must when learning computer software, and we will provide the necessary equipment for superior education.


  • Enhanced collaboration – Teamwork is a great addition to any business. Working in small groups to solve problems and brainstorm keep our classroom learning and builds a strong bond among those who are also learning. If you take advantage of our team-teaching option, your team can collaborate on future projects.


  • Targeted to many levels – We teach the fundamentals of new software to beginners, and offer refresher courses for your more advanced employees. Our trainers will enable you to design a course around your teams’ specific level of expertise, so they get the most out of their class.

What Classes Are Available?

We have a wide variety of classes from some of the most dependable sources;

Reviews for Entré Software Training

Software training is essential in today’s business world and staying up to date on the latest technology will set you up for success. See what some of our previous students have said;

  • “Geoff was a quirky, fun instructor that made the class fun and very worthwhile. It was worth my time to attend.”
  • “I do law every day, but I do most of that with a computer. Why do I not need to review and improve my computer skills as much as I need to keep my legal skills brushed up?”
  • “The material was very complex for me. The instructor was sensitive to my needs and paced the material, so I could absorb it. I am confident that I have the best introduction to Excel that is possible.”

Entré Technology has many different options for learning; solo, group, or business team. We can accommodate you or your employees, so everyone has the knowledge to help your business grow. Call us today to see what classes you could benefit from today.

Entré Technology Services – Your best choice for Hands-On, Instructor-Led, Real-World, Quality Training in Billings Montana.