Do you use Dropbox?

I use it all the time for my photos and file sharing personally. How about for business?

What are the security risks? How many businesses use the cloud? Not only is it convenient, but it provides businesses the freedom to work from any place at any time.

There are many companies that are employing individuals who have the capacity and technology to work remotely. Not only are people more productive, but it’s less of an overhead for businesses who are recovering from the market pains of 2008. I have heard many people tell me they work from home. This is the way of the future.

Dropbox makes it easier and now they are beefing up their security features. More businesses will now have peace of mind that their files and business information are secure and shared only among the people that should have access to these documents.

So, if you have ever thought you might go to the business version of Dropbox, I have attached a link to a good read on what they are doing to enhance security, convenience and also how they are growing competitively.

Take a look:

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