Why You Should Be Utilizing a Managed Security Service Provider

Over the last few years, the number of data breaches has dramatically increased. There is no doubt that security monitoring is extremely important for any business, no matter the size or industry. Everyone is vulnerable to data breaches, however, organizations dealing with sensitive data tend to be a higher risk for cyber-attacks.

Juniper Research estimated that cybercrime will cost businesses over $2 trillion by 2019. It is vital for your company to implement a program to protect your organizations’ confidential data. Many are turning to Managed Security Service Providers to help their business stay protected. MSSP helps relieve your IT staff while reducing the risk of malware, social engineering tactics, phishing scams, and ransomware. Here are a few benefits:

Knowledge and Experience

Managed Security Service Providers can provide multiple security services including, intrusion detection and prevention, managed vulnerability, and access solutions. We have staff that is skilled in security management and up to date knowledge, working 24×7 to detect threats and updates your system regularly. Your in-house team may be good; however, a cyber-attack can happen anytime. With an MSSP you’re protected at all times, not just 9 to 5.

Cost Savings

For small to medium size businesses, security management can become very costly. Requiring high technology, around the clock monitoring, expertise, and time, MSSP makes more sense. If you have an internal team, you may pay up to $240,000 as an annual combined salary. However, not many companies can afford that payout. A good MSSP can help to avoid unnecessary costs like that, and can also provide you 24×7 security for less money than it would cost to staff one shift in-house.

Early Threat Detection

Because of early detection and prevention, your MSSP allows you to focus on running your business, without the constant worrying of a data breach.

Security Tools

It can be difficult for companies to have the latest tech tools and keep them frequently updated. However, MSSP provides threat detection and audits with the most updated equipment in the industry.


These are just a few benefits of bringing on a Managed Security Service Provider to work with your business, although there are many more. If you are considering working with an MSSP, we encourage you to speak with one of our IT experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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