Virus Protection VS. Spyware Protection

Viruses, spyware, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, scareware, and more, these malware bugs can be lurking in every nook and cranny of the internet and emails. Your business needs to run efficiently and safely to be profitable, and understanding the difference between these bugs will help you take proactive precautions against them.

What is virus protection?

Protection for your company comes in the form of software designed to prevent malicious activity from taking place without your knowledge. Accessing an internet page or opening an email attachment can be an easy way for a virus to sneak into your infrastructure. Protection comes with a lot of additional features;

  • Performance monitoring
  • Comprehensive Windows protection
  • Patch management
  • Real-time incident and alerts monitoring
  • Detailed reports
  • Around-the-clock updates


Is spyware protection the same as virus protection?

Viruses and spyware are different in how they cause harm to your computer. Spyware collects data after being installed by an unsuspecting user whereas a virus spreads harmful software from computer to computer. Usually downloaded accidentally, spyware needs its own type of protection. Sophos Web Security and Control block spyware as well as other unwanted applications. Sophos Web Security and Control also has;

  • Automatic protection against web threats
  • Data loss
  • Simplified security management
  • Support from Sophos
  • Automatic updates
  • 24/7 in-house technical support

The continuous protection of your computers and infrastructure is easy and all-encompassing. We hope that after seeing the difference between virus protection and spyware protection, you’ll be able to protect your business successfully. If you need additional protection, call Entré Technology for a cost-effective solution.

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