Entre Technology Services believes “People need People”—we do our best work with businesses and organizations who want competent engineers, timely response, fair and reasonable pricing, and unwavering commitment to success and satisfaction.

Here is more info about Our People…

Brandon Eggart – CEO / President

Brandon has been a part of the Entre team since 2011.  He is responsible for the financial management and strategic growth of Entre.  He provides our clients with technical consulting, account management, and solutions design. When not working, Brandon enjoys taking trips to Bozeman for Bobcat football games and spending time with family and friends.

Craig Burke – Vice President, Consulting Director

Originally from Illinois, Craig has been Senior Systems Engineer with Entre since 2004. He has 15+ years of experience in the computer and telecommunications industry which assists him in providing in-depth knowledge of systems consulting and engineering services to our partners. He enjoys camping, hunting, softball and spending time outdoors with his family.

Sean DeVault – Vice President of Marketing

Sean has been with Entre since 2018, and has 10+ years of IT support industry experience. He has spent over the last decade helping IT businesses grow in Montana and North Dakota. He is experienced in both inbound and outbound marketing. Sean enjoys spending time with his family, camping, hiking, and taking advantage of everything Montana has to offer.

Debra Fisk – Human Resources Director

Debra joined Entre in 2018 and is currently leading our Human Resources Department. Debra has 5+ years of experience in the human resources field and specializes in employee and labor relations, staffing and recruiting, performance management, benefits administration along with policy development and interpretation. She offers new and strategic ways of keeping our current and prospective team members engaged and motivated. When she’s not working, you can find Debra enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Lori Marsceau – Accounting & Operations Coordinator

Lori has been with Entre since 2007. In her role she wears many hats which include: billing, accounting, dispatching and customer account maintenance. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of the company and has done a wonderful job of ensuring the needs of our partners are met. When she is not holding down the fort here at Entre, she enjoys needlework, quilting, decorating her home, and spending time with her three children.

Alyssa Radue – Consulting & Engineering Coordinator

Alyssa has been with Entre since the Spring of 2016. When she is not helping the team at the office, she is a graduate student at Montana State University-Billings. During her free time, Alyssa enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors.

Skyler Kincaid – Technical Operations Director

Skyler has been with Entre since 2018, and has 5+ years of MSP experience that he brings to the Entre family. He is always looking at the most effective, efficient ways to support our clients. Skyler loves a good challenge and has a demonstrated ability to solve complex problems. When Skyler isn't working he loves being a husband and father of his four children.

Chris Christison – Technical Services Director

Chris has been with Entre since 2018. He has 20+ years of IT experience including 5+ years of experience managing technical support teams. Prior to Entre, Chris was managing a technical support team for a large Restaurant IT Solutions Company supporting a nationwide Point-Of-Sale platform.  Chris started his IT career at large manufacturing company as an onsite support technician dealing with the End User Computing and Manufacturing environments.  When Chris is not working he loves to cook, brew beer, and spend time with his family camping, hiking, hunting and fishing.

Ben McClintock – Project Manager and Systems Engineer

Ben joined the Entre team as a Systems Engineer in December of 2013. He has been in the industry for 10+ years and served in the United States Marine Corps where he worked as a Network Administrator in Kaneohe Bay, HI. Originally from MT, Ben is also a devoted outdoorsman. He enjoys snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing and camping.

David Curtis – Services Manager and Systems Engineer

David came to work with Entre at the beginning of 2016. His experience and knowledge are a great value to the Entre family. David is a natural problem solver that thrives on new challenges. He enjoys getting his hands on new technology and keeping up to date on the latest technological innovations. David has been working with computers for 25+ years, and has a versatile portfolio that includes experience with multiple operating systems. When David is not brushing up on his IT skills he enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, and exploring the great Montana wilderness.

Mercedez Cueva – Service Desk Manager

Originally from Nevada, Mercedez joined Entre in June 2019.  She is leading the Service Desk Team, and has 10+ years of IT enterprise support experience. Mercedez is passionate about providing top notch customer service. When she’s not working Mercedez enjoys hosting friends, fishing, and spending time with her dog Buck. Whenever possible she enjoys visiting with her daughter, who is in active-duty military.

Geoff Brown – Trainer and Developer

Geoff has been with Entre since 1996. As a Microsoft certified trainer, Geoff has 20+ years of experience in the industry. He is a subject matter expert in all of the Microsoft Office applications.  When he isn’t teaching or training Geoff is an avid walker and member of the Montana Territory Peacemakers shooting club. He enjoys a little sewing and a lot of reading.

Guy Wilkinson – Systems Engineer

Guy has been a Senior Systems Engineer for Entre since 1994, and has 20+ years of experience in the computer technology field.  He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, and performs system design and integration for PC’s, midrange and mainframe platforms. He is skilled with SUN Microsystems, HP, DEC and IBM.  Guy likes to camp, spend time with his family, and take trips to Vegas with his brothers. He is passionate about motorcycles, dirt bikes, working out, and being an active dad.

Jason Huebner – Systems Engineer

Jason has been with Entre since 2005. Jason is passionate about learning new things when it comes to technology, and has become our leading technologist. He is well versed in multiple operating systems. When he is not learning and keeping up to date on the new IT releases, Jason enjoys watching movies and playing video games with his kids.

Chris Bolte – Systems Technician

Chris has been with Entre since the fall of 2015. He has a Bachelors in Information Technology, and comes to Entre with a technical background in printers/copiers. He has a wide array of skills, and enjoys the challenge of further advancing his technical skills and knowledge to keep up with today’s IT world. In his spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, three kids, coaching, woodworking, and playing baseball with his two sons.

John Hackman – Systems Technician

John has been with Entre since 2016. He comes from a large networking environment background. He has been working on PC’s since the early 90’s, which drove him to acquire his BBA in Computer Information Systems. In his free time, John loves to spend time with his family traveling and enjoying what nature has to offer.

Ed Siders – Systems Engineer

Ed joined Entre in 2017 as our Systems Engineer in our Bozeman office. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a computer emphasis. He has worked exclusively in the computer field for 25+ years, and is always on the lookout for the latest technology and newest gadget. When not working, Ed spends time with his wife of 35+ years, catching up with their kids and grandkids, or exploring the Bozeman area.

Scott Adams – Systems Engineer

Scott came to Entre in 2017 as an accomplished and talented Information Technology professional. He has 15+ years of experience in Network and Systems Administration.  As a highly skilled Systems Engineer, he has a background in design, installation, and configuration of network and server systems.  Scott is experienced in managing local and national networks, determining system requirements, and resolving technical issues.  In his free time, he is usually riding or thinking about riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Matt Hawk – Systems Technician

Matt has been with Entre since 2018, and has 15+ years of IT experience. His passion for technology started when he built his first computer from a mail order kit at a young age.  He has a wide variety of experience and knowledge from building custom PC’s to managing networks. He enjoys researching new technology, and is constantly looking for new ways to solve problems. When not working, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, photography, PC gaming, and camping.

Karly Flores – Systems Engineer

Karly has been in the tech industry since 2011, and started working with Entre January 2019. To gain a diverse knowledge base, she has supported large and small scale networks, a wide variety of software applications, and various hardware.  She believes that quick responses and customer centered support builds lasting relationships with her clients. In her free time, Karly enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with her three dogs.

Chas Llewellyn – Systems Technician

Chas started working with Entre in January 2019. He started as a dispatcher and has risen through the ranks using hard work, focus, and excellent customer service. He has 5+ years experience in Managed Services. Chas entertains Billings’ audiences as Owner/Director of Projectile Comedy (a local improvised comedy troupe), and as an Ensemble Member with Yellowstone Repertory Theatre. Chas’ passion is finding ways to incorporate these two very different worlds to offer a greatly unique experience to our clients. Chas also serves the community as a proud member of the Billings Downtown Exchange Club, where he also acts as the Chair of their Youth Outreach Committee.

Josh Lytle – Systems Engineer

Originally from Alaska, Josh joined the Entre team in May 2019. While in Alaska, Josh supported a wide range of businesses from large Enterprise class environments to small businesses. He knows that customer service is key, and strives to provide the best support to any business big or small. In his free time he will likely be working on projects to further his knowledge in the field or exploring the great outdoors.

Seth Stovall – Systems Technician

Seth has been with Entre since May 2019, and he has 5+ years of various IT experience from serving with the Marine Corps. Seth’s interest in IT started when he and a few friends would take apart and modify computers for personal use. Currently, he is taking online classes working towards receiving his bachelor’s degree in IT. He is ambitious to learn anything new and exciting. His goals are to increase his IT abilities, and to enjoy life. When Seth is not at work or is not preoccupied with his classes, he enjoys hanging out with friends and family, taking his dog to the park, off-roading with his brother, or improving upon his home.

Patrick Michaelis – Systems Engineer

Patrick joined Entre in June 2019. He is a 10+ years IT veteran. He has worked in many different tech environments ranging from small business to large enterprise. With over half of his career being in MSP, Patrick has worked in everything from schools, government, banks, home users, and even software and gaming companies. When he is not throwing down with tech at work, Patrick can be found hiking and traveling with his daughter Lemae, wife Katie, and two dog-sons, Hank and Dwight. Patrick can also be found occasionally around Billings performing music when the itch gets him.

Glenn Roy-Johnson – Systems Technician

Glenn has been with the Entre family since 2019. He has his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology - Computer Systems & Management, as well as 15+ years of industry experience. He has a strong working knowledge in identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving desktop and network issues. In his free time, Glenn enjoys camping, reading, working on anything with an engine, and spending time with family and friends.

Aaron Wiersma – Systems Engineer

Aaron has been with Entre since late 2019. He has been working on computers since an early age, building his first machine when he was 7 from components in the “parts pile” from his father’s computer repair business. Since then, he’s expanded his knowledge and experience into enterprise technologies bringing to the table 5+ years in professional IT support and systems administration. When Aaron isn’t working on technology solutions, he’s working on his classic cars, his historic house, or on his grandmother’s farm.

Derek Fuchs – Systems Engineer

Derek has been a part of Entre as a Systems Engineer since 2019.  He has 10+ years of experience with IT support experience. Derek likes to spend his time with his wife and friends. In his spare time, Derek volunteers as a coach at Billings United soccer, and has coached for the local high school varsity teams as well.

Steve Johnston – Systems Engineer

Steve has 5+ years IT experience. He began with a licensed Apple Third Party repair center, and worked his way to Service Manager. He has additional experience in software development environments, as well as Linux / Unix server administration with a focus on DevOps automation and cloud technologies. Steve came to Bozeman in 2012 for school at MSU, but mainly to escape the city of Chicago and he hasn't looked back. He is an avid caver, rock and ice climber, and really enjoys spending winters skiing in the Bridgers. Steve also volunteers with Gallatin County SAR, and spends much of his personal time pursuing the activities the mountains provide.

Darius Ray – Systems Technician

Darius started working with Entre early 2019, and is currently working on data migration. While not working at Entre, he is a student at Montana State University-Billings where he studies Business. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, and learning about everything involving tech. Darius hopes to absorb as much wisdom from the various experienced team members as he continues to work with Entre.

Shawn Casagrande – Systems Engineer

Shawn has been with Entre since Janurary 2020, and has 10+ years of IT administration and MSP experience. He enjoys learning new technology and finding ways to automate tasks. When he's not working, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. When not busy at work or with his family, Shawn likes to read a good book.

Mariah Stevens – Procurement & Administrative Support

Mariah joined the Entre team in August 2019. She graduated from Creighton University in May of 2019 with a Bachelors in English specializing in Creative Writing. In her free time, Mariah enjoys exploring her new home state, writing, and spending time with her family and kitten, Thistle.

Garett Frank – Technician Intern

Garett has loved taking apart computers to see how they work since he was a child. As early as twelve years old, he has been fixing and building machines, and has been eager to turn it into his job. He has 5+ years of experience in retail and customer service. In Spring he will graduate with Associates in Computer Science. In his free time he loves to travel and ride his dirt bike in the mountains.

Alex Miller – Marketing Manager

After he finished his career playing soccer out east, Alex began working with Entre in 2016. He has worked in marketing and management since 2014. He loves traveling the world with his fiancé, and hiking with his two dogs, Teddy and Wally. In his free time he can be found anywhere outside, whether it is hiking, skiing, or swimming.

Maddie Edgerley – Marketing Representative

Maddie has been working for Entre since February of 2019. She graduated from Truman State in 2017 with a major Communication emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Design. In her free time she enjoys spending time hiking with her dog, Lily, doing stand-up comedy, and spending time with family and friends.

Claire Patterson – Marketing Representative

After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development, Claire has been working with the Entre family since June 2018. In her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking, and photography!

Luna – Office Security and Greeter

Luna has been greeting guests and keeping the Entre Offices safe from intruders since 2016!

Rexford – Office Security and Greeter

Rexford joined the Entre team in 2018. He handles the west wing security and greeting responsibilities while Luna focuses on the east wing.