Computers and IT are integral parts to any successful business. At Entré, connecting people and providing access to important information is a key part of how we help businesses grow. To meet the demands of business, a proper computer network must be established and maintained. A successful network must be available nearly 100% of the time and be able to adjust to the needs of a company as it grows and changes. Entré is focused on designing a comprehensive network specific to your company. Since each business is different, we will develop a plan with your future goals in mind to create a computer network that will grow and adapt to the future of your business.

How We Design a Network

Designing a network involves evaluating and understanding the scope of work it must perform. Collaborating and discussing what will work for you is just the beginning of an Entré designed network. Understanding the network’s components and planned connections between them will help draw a blueprint for your specific needs. A network design will be represented in a network diagram noting specific parts of your system.

  1. Map of network designed
  2. Cabling structure
  3. Quantity, type, and location of network devices
  4. IP addressing structure
  5. Network security

Development of a Network

Our goals for your network would tie in with the initial blueprint so every piece of technology and hardware works cohesively and seamlessly for your business. A successful network will have multiple pieces that will come into play as the initial phase of development takes place.


Network designs can grow to include new users as a company grows. If needed, remote locations can be added to fast growing businesses.


Designing for availability will ensure reliable performance 24/7. Failure of a single link, should not disable the entire network.


As a feature that must be designed into the network, planning is critical to safeguarding resources. The security for each network is drawn into the network from initial stages to ensure safety.


A network needs to be maintained to function effectively. With that in mind, we develop a network that will be manageable through us or your available networking staff.

A successful computer network will be the backbone of your business. At Entré, we will design one that will keep your company running properly and efficiently. Something so integral to your business should be in the forefront of your mind and considered with the utmost care. Let us design a network for your business today!