Offsite Data Backup Solutions

Entre Restore Core

Entre offers business continuity services to fully prepare our partners for disasters. This service begins with a thorough analysis of the current infrastructure. We will look for both flaws within the security system and practices which can be improved. Then our team will explain our findings and suggest methods for improvement. Our recommendations usually include Restore Core technology for the following reasons:

Eliminate Downtime – Our team understands that downtime is unacceptable for businesses. Entre’s Restore Core can virtually eliminate your server downtime. This is because it employs both local and offsite recovery to address any type of failure.

Recover in Minutes – In just minutes, the Entre Restore Core can temporarily replace any failed server with a fully-functional virtual copy with up-to-the-minute accuracy. Your company can conduct business as usual while the failed server is repaired or replaced then restore quickly and easily onto the repaired server or on replacement hardware.

State-of-the-art Backup – The Entre Restore Core will back up your entire system automatically. This will be done as frequently as every five minutes. You can quickly and easily restore files, individual e-mail messages, and SQL tables. Plus, it automatically checks to make sure that your data is not corrupted.

Our team has experience in preparing partners across multiple industries to defend against the threats they encounter online every day. We hope to fully protect companies using our managed services but no system can be protected fully. That is why we offer business continuity services and recommend a backup plan. Give us a call today to learn more about your risks and our capabilities!

Entre Offsite Data Backup

Automatic and Secure – The protection of your business’ critical data is critical to its success. Today’s online environment contains a plethora of threats and it’s important that your business remains proactive and prepared.  Security measures can help reduce the probability of threats but in the case of an emergency happening it is crucial to have a reliable backup. There are many options for backing up this data but many companies choose to outsource this task to a provider who has a more secure location. This will prevent backups from being stolen or destroyed in worst case scenarios.  Our team can ensure that your backups are preformed regularly and stored in a secure location to further protect data. End your backup headaches.


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