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 Managed IT Services - SecurityEntre Complete Security

With a productive, dependent use of technology comes the need for IT security. The number of viruses and malware being developed makes it a necessity to have a proactive security solution in place at all times. Entre Complete Security provides a full network security solution including…

Managed IT Services - Remote Monitoring Entre Remote Monitoring

Network Monitoring and Remote Access for Servers, PCs, Firewalls, WiFi, and more

Detailed Reporting for Inventory, Endpoint & Email Security, and Patch Management

Managed IT Services - Endpoint Entre Endpoint

Cloud Managed All-In-One Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware Security Solution

Real-time Incident and Security Alerts

Email tools Entre Email Tools

Cloud Hosted Complete Email Security Solution including Anti-Spam, Email Encryption, and Zero-Day Protection

Email Archiving and Office 365/G-Suite Backup available

Managed IT Services - Software Patch Management Entre Software Patch Management

Cloud Hosted Security and Update Patch Management and

Customized for Windows, Mac, and 3rd Party Software

Managed IT Services - Firewall Entre Firewall 

A firewall is a set of security rules made to block dangerous web traffic that could be carrying a virus. This software program or piece of hardware will be the barrier between your business’ network and a potentially dangerous network. Your business’ firewall is the first defense against viruses and malicious activity. Entre has a variety of options to keep your company’s data safe. Our customers benefit from our unique offering of network security firewalls at a wide range of prices. As your IT partner, we will help you decide what level of protection is right for your business and then take care of the installation for you. We work behind the scenes to keep your protection up to date, and assist with any troubleshooting you may have.

Does my business need a Firewall? If you are like the 99.9% of businesses today that rely on the internet to run a successful company, you need a firewall! Each time an employee accesses the internet, there are many different intruders trying to break into your system. Without the protection of a firewall, your company’s computer network could be accessed from someone outside of your company looking to get important information. In addition to securing your internal data, a firewall offers many other features:

Initiates first defense

Follows defined security procedures

Differentiates between trusted and non-trusted networks

Protects internal network addresses

Reports on threats and activity

Entre is well versed in small, medium, and large businesses and their IT infrastructures. The ability to choose the level of protection in your firewall allows you to keep the cost at a minimum. We offer our own branded firewall service as well as SonicWALL software.Each of these options come with:

One year of support

Intrusion prevention

Web filtering

Gateway anti-virus


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