Deloitte’s Fast 500 Awards for Innovative Break Through

Deloitte’s Fast 500 is a leading technology-based award that honors the best and the most innovative organizations in North America. The Deloitte’s Fast 500 is a well-reputed award that highlights the efforts of the fastest growing technology businesses for more … Continued

What Does the ‘S’ in Windows10S Stand For?

Microsoft looked to the classroom for inspiration for the new Microsoft 10S, and while they haven’t revealed what the S stands for, there are many speculations. Safe, streamlined, simple, or student – all of these words describe the new 10S, … Continued

Koats4Kids – Donate Today!

The season is upon us to help those in need, so we are starting a holiday charity event in Billings. As the days and nights get cooler in Billings, Montana, we want to help our city’s children be able to … Continued