Deloitte’s Fast 500 Awards for Innovative Break Through

Deloitte’s Fast 500 is a leading technology-based award that honors the best and the most innovative organizations in North America. The Deloitte’s Fast 500 is a well-reputed award that highlights the efforts of the fastest growing technology businesses for more … Continued

What Does the ‘S’ in Windows10S Stand For?

Microsoft looked to the classroom for inspiration for the new Microsoft 10S, and while they haven’t revealed what the S stands for, there are many speculations. Safe, streamlined, simple, or student – all of these words describe the new 10S, … Continued

Koats4Kids – Donate Today!

The season is upon us to help those in need, so we are starting a holiday charity event in Billings. As the days and nights get cooler in Billings, Montana, we want to help our city’s children be able to … Continued

Microsoft 365 Migration

The world of technology continues to develop and grow. So why is it that many companies are sticking to their outdated software? The thought of moving all your files from one platform to another may seem daunting, but the migrating … Continued