Managing your business’ IT is a full-time job. Entré Technology Services can help your business become more productive and cost-effective with our various service offerings. We produce customized plans that fit every business and budget ensure your system will be working to its fullest potential. Entré provides complete, integrated tools for delivering a full range of IT services specific to your business’ unique needs and budget.

IT Security And Compliance Protection

The security of your customers’ data is of the utmost importance to your business. A breach in your IT security could cause problems not just for you and your company, but also for those customers that trust you with their information. Entre has software in place to continue to monitor your data effectively so there is never a worry about your data’s safety and compliance with federal regulations.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) was signed into law with the goals of developing a productive and safe IT infrastructure, encouraging companies to adopt, and purposefully use an Electronic Health Records (EHR) program. These programs are put in place to protect everyone involved but tend to be complicated and difficult to follow. Entre is here to help walk you through the compliance process and explain how to use this software to benefit your company.

Sustaining compliance, identifying issues, remediating the IT infrastructure, and monitoring communication problems are time consuming processes. Organizations must have a culture of compliance maintenance in order to be successful in protecting data and staying up to date with federal laws. If any security issues are detected, we will alert you of the problem and inform you of the steps we are taking to remedy it. With the following alerts in place, your data is safe-guarded against breaches.

  • Elevation of Exchange Administration Privilege – Adding additional members to administrative permissions will continue to be monitored.
  • Malware Campaign Detection – An unusual number of messages containing malware will trigger an alert and in turn, our software will remove infected messages from inboxes.
  • Malware Campaign Blocking – Infected messages being sent from your organization will be blocked and not delivered to other inboxes.
  • Unusual External User File Activity – Users outside of your organization accessing files, downloading files, and deleting files will be monitored and audited.
  • Unusual Volume of External File Sharing – We will monitor SharePoint or OneDrive, where your team shares a large number of files.
  • Unusual Volume of File Deletion – Frequently deletion of files create alerts to prevent loss of important information.

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